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Your Complete Mechanical Engineering Solution Provider

Gerry J. Dail P.E.                 President                       Professional Mechanical Engineer


Gerry has successfully worked as a Mechanical Engineer for over 38 years and is celebrating his fourth year in business as a consultant as of June 2016.  He has worked with multiple clients covering a wide range of engineering problems.  These include heat exchanger analysis, heavy truck transportation system analysis, large production machine repair and revision analysis, and novel aluminum extrusion process design.  Additional projects include the design of a complex furnace loading machine, tube forming feed and rotate machines and aluminum extrusion tooling design and analysis.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of projects undertaken over his long and productive career, but does provide a representative sampling of the range and breadth of engineering expertise Gerry can offer his clients.


Previous to founding MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC in June 2012, Gerry was the Engineering Manager for the largest high strength, aerospace aluminum extrusion facility in the United States.  He was also the Engineering Technical Specialist working on all aspects of production issues facing the Engineered Products Business Unit of a major international aluminum producer ranging from heat treatment furnace design to structural analysis involving metal forming and extrusion processes to the design and development of advanced tool designs for metal deformation and machine designs for production equipment.


Gerry directed and conducted design and analysis engineering using SDRC I-DEAS, NEi Nastran and ADINA FEA and other CAE tools to improve processes, process machinery and high-strength tool operation and safety.  This is his principle passion and believes the linkage between solid, practical mechanical engineering practice with advanced design and computer-aided engineering tools provides the most effective way to solve problems and develop new, advanced concepts for the client.


He also structured and directed corporate research and development activities with Purdue University’s multidisciplinary Engineering Research Center resulting in a program success rate of 50% for those projects of interest to his former employer.  He has published articles in conference proceedings and in peer review journals with topics ranging from robotic applications to infrared temperature measurement system for aluminum surfaces to stress and fatigue failure analysis of heavy equipment components.


Engineering Leadership:


Directed the planning and implementation of the modernization and cellularization of the manufacturing-tooling department to include the implementation of a complete TQM system in concert with new CNC machining centers.


Implemented 3-D solid modeling, advanced CAM programming and high-speed, hard-machining operations into a high-strength extrusion tool manufacturing operation.


Led a collaborative supplier-customer team of engineers and technicians in solving a critical extruded part contour control problem resulting in a 75% reduction in machining center setup time for the customer.

Individual Technical Contributor:


Designed and developed a prototype flexible conforming surface support slat to a horizontal aluminum heat treat chain furnace.  


Using advanced non-linear computer-aided engineering software, analyzed the final product configuration and residual stress state of an aluminum extrusion stretch-forming process.


Designed complex ceramic preform loading and unloading chambers that utilized a dual stage atmospheric and inert gas system used with a high temperature processing furnace.  


Using advanced analysis technology, determined the premature failure of a critical extrusion press component was the result of a design flaw and not an operating problem in the use of the component.  The OEM, at no charge, replaced the component and the two other similar components staged for use were revised using this analysis. This completely resolved the problem and no further failures occurred.  Gerry published an award-winning paper on the results of this investigation at ET2004.


Designed a novel metal forming machine that eliminates contour distortion of high-strength extrusions and provides the stability necessary for the application of compressive stress relief of the same extrusions eliminating the need for the correction of longitudinal bow.


Re—designed a major component of a 11,000 ton piercing extrusion press due to repeated component failures after identifying the root cause for the failure with Finite Element and failure analysis Tools.


Lead engineer on the design and development of a revolutionary new heat treatment furnace for small cross--section aerospace extrusions; patent application proceeding.


Researched and developed a multispectral infrared temperature measurement algorithm and computerized radiometer system for the measurement of aluminum surface temperatures.


Developed a novel aluminum punching technology that eliminates the need for hole drilling and reaming in highly stressed aluminum components while substantially increasing the fatigue life of these components. 


Developed and applied Finite Element Analysis to extrusion tool design and process analysis resulting in significant design changes to the tooling used in high strength aluminum extrusion processes and which eliminated premature failures in extrusion tool stem design and container housing design, among others.


Increased productivity on a special aluminum alloy by 250% through the application of advanced extrusion process modeling techniques and model verification experiments. 

Improved productivity at one manufacturing facility by a factor of two using applied process knowledge and SPC technologies.


MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC
Owner and Principle                                                                 June 2012-Present

Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)                             1982-2012
Alcoa Engineered Products, Lafayette Operations, Lafayette, Indiana.         

Engineering Manager, Technical Specialist, Senior-Senior Staff Mechanical Engineer and Research and Development Engineer

United States Army                                                                1978-2006

Completed assignments as a Platoon Leader, Maintenance Control Officer, Unit Commander, Battalion Staff Officer, Test and Evaluation Engineering Officer, Research and Development Officer and an Area Support Group Staff Officer.                                                                                                       

Currently: Retired Reserve Lieutenant Colonel                                               


1978 Graduate (BSME-Magna Cum Laude) of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana. 

1985 Graduate (MSME) of Purdue University, West Lafayette,  Indiana.   


Publications:  Published 11 technical papers in either conference proceedings or refereed journals.


Member and Honors: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi--National Engineering Honorary, Pi Tau Sigma--Mechanical Engineering Honorary, Recipient of the Cummins Award in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman for 1977.


License:  Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Indiana, 1984--Present; Registration number 21006. 

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