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Finite Element Analysis

The use of Finite Element Analysis began in the late 1950's and has progressed to the point now that many suppliers of this type of software offer various capabilities to design engineers early in their design process.  However, FEA is not for the faint of heart.  This technology is highly complex and often requires more than the occassional user can handle.  


MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC has been involved in FEA since 1986 and understands not only the technology involved in the use of modern FEA tools, but understands how to interpret the results provided within the context of over 37 years of practical engineering experience.  This unique combination of hands-on, field engineering experience with sophisticated, state of the art finite element analysis tools enables MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC to provide confidence to the client whenever these tools are used in support of the client's needs.  


MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC uses AUTODESK Nastran [Formerly NEi Nastran] which is a proven, multi-decade developed finite element suite of tools that has become an integral part of many companies, large and small.  Below are two examples of the many FE Analysis conducted by MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC in support of its clients.



Complex, multiple component FEA consisting of over 400,000 parabolic tetrahedral elements and 54 contact surfaces that transfer a force parallel to the long axis of the channel from the lower curved surface through the fixed-position channel.  This analysis was conducted to confirm the performance of a repaired major machine component that had failed under conditions of fatigue over a 50 year period of use.  Since this machine rebuild, no further failures of the equipment have occurred.

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